✝Feel my pain✝
Cassandra, I love my bestfriend Hailey<3 swég 16 years young, Kittens and alcohol, No regrets. Just love.
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Suicidal, but also kinda wanting tacos.. Is that a thing?

I’m starting to think that this life I was given isn’t meant for me. Someone else could prosper so much from the chances I’ve been given. I can’t do this.. It’s too much. I try to tell my parents it’s too much but no one listens. There understand is the difference between my life and death because no one believes me when I say that school work, and my moms drinking makes me want to die. I want to die..

I’m so tired of people telling me they’re going to be here for me and then disappearing like I’m nothing. I would understand if i was given a reason, or the reason wasn’t “I was driving my car doing nothing all night and I was too tired”, but it gets a little depressing when I really really just need someone to hug me and tell me things will be okay and I’m left standing in the cold like an idiot thinking someone would actually care for me as much as I care for them.. Silly me.

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