✝Feel my pain✝
Cassandra, I love my bestfriend Hailey<3 swég 15 years young, Kittens and alcohol, No regrets. Just love.
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I miss you.. Your love, your kisses. I miss the way you made me feel at 3am when I thought my world was ending and you picked me back up and showed me the light. I miss the times we laughed, cried, slept, showered and ate together. I miss waking up and seeing your face. I miss falling asleep to the sound of your heart beat. but most of all, I miss the way you loved me..

Anonymous asked: It's Matt - and I'm glad you're doing okay in general.


Oh hello, you should talk to me sometime I believe I owe you an apology.

Anonymous asked: We may have drifted but I hope you're happy and doing well daily.


Who is this??
I’m doing okay I guess..

Anonymous asked: Do you regret saying anything to anyone before?


I regret a lot of things that I’ve said to many people. Sadly I can’t change what is done, I can just learn for the future.

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